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Hey! I'm Trisha. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a married, full time working mama to two beautiful daughters, Lola (9) and Phoenix (1). I live in the Bay Area where everything is expensive, but it's my home so I have a soft spot for this non-stop, traffic jammed tech pot.

So, back in 2008 I was pregnant with my first daughter and I started a lifestyle blog to detail & share my pregnancy and intro to mommyhood & family life. This is before blogging was really a thing, which makes me feel old, but sadly no one around me really grasped the point of a blog, so it felt like I was writing to myself, which I guess is what it is, but idk. I guess I was hoping for more out of that. Boy, do I wish I had held on just a wee bit longer. I had no idea blogging would become what it is now, but I am back! I'm so ready to share my giftable designs, daily outfits, express my thoughts & love for all things pretty, scrumptious foods, and family life.

Pearls, Pasta & Push-Ups is truly my own little passion project & I absolutely hope that you enjoy browsing my site and all of the content I have to offer. Smile every day. There truly is beauty in everyone & everything. Cheers, my loves! 

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